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The Inuit Woman Who Survived the Arctic Alone

“But I decided it wouldn’t be fair to the boys, so I felt that I had to stay.” After arriving in September 1921, the men ran scientific observations and hunted—clumsily without an umiak—and Blackjack sewed, but she also fell into fits of despair and loneliness. She was fearful of Knight, who was big, strong, and loud and referred to her as “the woman.” Over time, however, the crew became friendly as they lived off their supplies, dined on walrus stews and boiled bear blubber, and sat next to fires made of driftwood. By the end of the second summer, the team was running out of food—but not optimism. In their diaries, the men didn’t seem concerned that their larder wasn’t full of meat. They assumed they would be picked up soon. But that summer brought unusually dense pack ice, and the ship, which Stefansson paid for by persuading the Canadian government to give him money on humanitarian grounds, was unable to reach them. By October, the team realized they’d need to winter over. Three months later, Maurer, Galle, and Crawford set out with weak, hungry sled dogs across the wind-blasted ice to seek help in Siberia. They were never seen or heard from again. Blackjack, having grown up in a Methodist mission school, didn’t know much about surviving in the wilderness, and the men had assured her she wouldn’t have to. But Knight was too weak to do anything but wallow in his deer-hide sleeping bag.

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